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VOIP/HOSTED is the transmission of telephone calls (voice) over data networks. (Internet, LAN's, WAN's, VPN's, Frame Relay, Internet)

VOIP/HOSTED also referred to as IP Telephony It enables Technology Convergence for Voice, Video, Data

Advantages of VOIP/HOSTED over Traditional Telephony

There is no cost for phone calls between multiple sites, connected via data circuits. It is easy to move locations, add on users and make changes to the system. You can use your existing data network for voice, data, and video to produce cost savings to your organization. VOIP/HOSTED consolidates all your communications over one network, there is potentially less cabling needed, and there are exciting new productivity driven applications you can take advantage of.

VOIP/HOSTED Applications

Remote workers will have the same functionality as local workers. Anyone can access the internet for information at the touch of a key on your telephone. (Info Manager)

There are Wireless LAN mobility applications (SoftIPT) and office to office calls are no longer long distance!

Network Assessments Are Critical to VOIP/HOSTED

Before installing a VOIP/HOSTED system, we need to assess your network to see if you network is ready for Voice traffic. Wi-Fi is a frequent add-on to IP technology applications. We place the antenna in a location that maximizes reception and coverage in your office. We also anticipate your needs for future growth.

Is VOIP/HOSTED the Right Choice for You?

Before making the change to VOIP/HOSTED, you need to determine if this is the right move for you. The driving forces behind most changes to VOIP/HOSTED are the cost savings!

Once we analyze your existing networks (network assessment), we determine upgrade requirements of data switches and routers. We will also determine potential savings in calls between multiple sites within your organization.

The Good News is Reliable Voice & Data offers multiple solutions. You DO NOT have to run all voice traffic over IP. You can use all IP or mix digital and IP connectivity. Reliable Voice & Data Systems offers Hybrid Converged IP Telephone Systems as well. You can deploy VOIP/HOSTED when and where it is right for your business.

Systems can be managed remotely from any location via the IP network. The maintenance staff uses any PC Browser and individual users manage their own telephone settings from their PC and voice applications over an IP network. Don't settle for just “Voice” over IP - You deserve “Telephony” over IP! (Plus all the telephony features to every type of endpoint.)

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